Oh, The Places You'll Go!

That should be the tagline for the Armed Services. For the next three years the plan is to visit as many places in Europe as possible since Uncle Sam sent me to live over here. I started my travel wish list as soon as I knew we were moving...London, Paris, Spain, Italy, Berlin, Koln, Amsterdam, the Alps, Geece, Prauge, see any and all castles I possibly can!!!, Normandy, the Eagles Nest. Sounds like a pretty good list, right? New places are added to my list all the time. I could cross a few things off my list. I cannot tell you how many castles that I have already seen. And ALL of them were not more than 30-45 minutes from my house. But there are so many left for me to see...so castles stay on my list. Last week-end we spent the day in Koln. What an amazing place...Koln Catherdal, Hard Rock, Great Saint Martin, the Rhine River, and the Schokoladen Museum and a quick stop at Starbucks before heading home. So, you would think I would cross Koln off my list, right? But there are so many things that we didn't get to see while we were there. So, it stays on the list too.
The first castle we visited....Burg Nanstein.
   Me in front of the Koln Cathederal

So, I am going to share my European adventures with all of you. Plan on seeing lots of pictures and reviews on the places I am lucky enough to visit. Oh, and remind me to scrap them! I need motivation to scrapbook my memories and I know I won't want to forget the smallest detail about living and traveling in Eroupe.

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