Our first year in Germany

It is hard to believe that we have already been here a year. And what a great year it has been! We quickly found how to have some comforts from home like Hulu for stateside TV and Magic Jack allowed us to keep in contact with family and friends. Then the house hunting adventures kept us in the TLA for more than a month. But once we were settled in our new home we were ready to find all the great things living in Europe had to offer. Here are some of the things we experienced during the first year:
We made some new friends.
We sampled German cuisine and quickly found our favorite resturants.
We learned how to manage the German economy. We can shop, eat and see a movie!
We visited many castles...Nanstein, Hohenecken, Oberstein, Grafenstein, Berwarstein, Neuleinigen, Falkenstein, Lichtenburg,Frankenstein,  Altdahn, Grafendahn, Tanstein, Madenburg Fortress, Homburg, Spangenberg Cliff Fortress, Hardenburg,  and Limburg Monastry.
We went to the Gartenschau to see the tulips.
Tina got a job at The Children's Learning Academy!
We went to Trier.
We took the kids to a fest in Kasierslautern.
We spend an afternoon in Speyer.
Lichtenburg castle had a medievel fest that was loads of fun!
Korey turned 21!!
We spend a day in exploring the castle in Heidelburg.
Aley was asked to nanny for a sweet lil girl.
We rode the Kuckucksbanel for Doug's birthday.
Another day spend exploring Heidelburg.
Brett started his senior year in high school.
Wine fest in Bad Durkheim.
HitscherHof Farm Fest was a blast! We sampled yummy food and experienced a German corn maze.
A trip to Koln where we saw the most amaing catherdal and ate at Hard Rock Cafe.
A fall afternoon spent in the garden of Ludwigsburg Palace.
Wrestling tournaments.
We enjoyed Christmas Markets in Kasierslautern, Trier, and Saarbrucken.
We wrapped up the year with day trips to Bad Wimpfen and Rothenburg.

Wow, what a FUN first year!! We cannot wait to see what the next year is like.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

We made another stop along the Burgenstrasse. Rothenburg ob der Tauber is the best preserved medieval town in Germany. We spent the day exploring the gates, towers, town square and churches. This town is simply amazing! Every corner you turn leads you to yet another fascinating structure filled with the past to discover.
The city wall form a ring around Rothenburg and you can walk on top of it to get great views over the city.

Walking along the wall between towers.

Window full of yummy pastries!!

Burg Gate

St. Jakob's Church

The Town Square
 We have plans to come back to Rothenburg during the summer months. I can only imagine how beautiful this medieval jewel is when the gardens are in full bloom 

Bad Wimpfen

 We were having dinner with our friends and they were telling us about a Christmas market in a great little town they had recently visited.  With no plans for Christmas Eve we decided to check this town out for ourselves. 

Bad Wimpfen is a little town along the river Neckar in the German country side. It is also part of the Burgenstrasse or Historic Castle Route.

Bad Wimpfen was left mainly intack during the first and second world wars, so it still has very old well looked after houses. An intersting characteristic is the half-timbered houses some of them dating from the 14th century.

The ruins of the wall that once surrounded the city were amazing.
The two imposing towers of Bad Wimpfen.

The Blue Tower

The Red Tower


Despite the cold, snowy day, we found Bad Wimpfen to be a wonderful stop along the Burgenstrasse.