Bad Wimpfen

 We were having dinner with our friends and they were telling us about a Christmas market in a great little town they had recently visited.  With no plans for Christmas Eve we decided to check this town out for ourselves. 

Bad Wimpfen is a little town along the river Neckar in the German country side. It is also part of the Burgenstrasse or Historic Castle Route.

Bad Wimpfen was left mainly intack during the first and second world wars, so it still has very old well looked after houses. An intersting characteristic is the half-timbered houses some of them dating from the 14th century.

The ruins of the wall that once surrounded the city were amazing.
The two imposing towers of Bad Wimpfen.

The Blue Tower

The Red Tower


Despite the cold, snowy day, we found Bad Wimpfen to be a wonderful stop along the Burgenstrasse.

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