First Christmas Markets of the Seaon

When you live in Europe, a long week-end can be a great time for a mini vacation. Our friends, the Reeves family, took full advantage and came for a visit. We were happy to have them! Not only did it mean a houseful for Thanksgiving dinner….it meant we would spend the rest of the week-end traveling. And travel we did!

Friday turned into-one day…two countries…three Christmas Markets. We started with a visit to the American cemetery in Luxembourg. We had visited the cemetery a few weeks back. It was nice to go back with our friends.

Up next...Luxembourg City and our first Christmas Market of the season.  We were met with Christmas carols and smells of evergreen and Glühwein. As we wondered from booth to booth, we caught a performace of the dancing Christmas trees.
We explored the sights of the city before loading back up in the truck and heading off to our next destination.

Trier was my favorite market last year. So I was happy to go back with my friend, Angie. This is her first Christmas market season in Germany and we were determined to see as many together as we could. Each of the booths had something different to offer. We enjoyed some potato pancakes and hot chocolate.

It was time to head home. The boys were done at work. We had dinner plans downtown and one last market for the day. The Brauhaus was the perfect choice for dinner. The food was delish! The guys were able to enjoy the seaonal carmel beer.  After dinner we checked out the K-town market. The Glühwein booth was by far the place to be!

It had been a chilly day spent outside, so when we found a booth full of hats, scarves and gloves we had to make a few purchases. Korey was expecially happy to make his annual Christmas market hat purchase.
 We headed home to have wine by the fire. What a great day it had been!

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I can't wait to hit the Christmas markets!!!