Burg Trifels

Guess third time is a charm with this castle! We were finally able to explore Burg Trifels. We had driven to Annweiler twice before to be met with rain both times. The weather today was beautiful.

The Emperor's castle of Trifels is the most formal of the forts from the Staufer period and is situated on the highest of three mountains - all with castles - above the small town of Annweiler. The mountain, Sonnenberg, (sun mountain) is 494m above sea level and 310m above Annweiler and the castle is built on a rock which has two clefts, and therefore looks like three rocks, hence the name: Trifels. . Trifels was built upon the remains of a wooden castle from the 10th century. It was documentarily named for the first time in the year 1081, when the Knight Diemar von Trifels presented the castle to the king before becoming a monk.

The chapel served as the depository for the imperial crown jewels. Today the empire insignias are once again in the castle, but as copies as the originals have been in Vienna since the year 1800.

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BelleAtHeart said...

oh my gosh! after trying for so long to actually SEE your posts I happened to try tonight and viola! I was able to read them!!

Very cool pictures. That's the way history should be taught :)