Castles along the Rhine

You’re certain to feel as though you’re waltzing through a fairytale on this journey through the breathtaking landscape of terraced vineyards, old-world towns and historic, fairytale castles of the Rhine river valley.

We spent two week-ends in April exploring  a few of the castles along the Rhine River. It was like being in a fairytale. The cannons aimed at the river..ready to defend, the suits of armor, the breathe-taking views  from the castle towers.

As we climbed the winding staircases, I wondered what amazing stories could be told by those who had lived here so many years ago.
Korey, Aley and Doug at Rheinstein Castle
Castle Reichenstein
Castle Sooneck
Have I mentioned how much I love living in Europe? Not sure what I will do with my week-ends when I move stateside, but I do know I won't be be exploring castles.

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